What’s cooking in the kitchen? IFA 2012

While I was in Germany last week I visited the largest consumer trade fair in the world, IFA. I can hear you yawning from here, but in fact it was fascinating.

From my point of view I was focused on covering the home appliances section and there were some pretty wonderful things on show.

I’ve chosen the following items to share with you because they are unusual, look great or are just weird, however there were so many other appliances being introduced that may look like your usual kitchen kit but are so high tech it’s untrue. I’ll come back to those later, beauty first and all that…



I love this Union Jack design, it fits with all the Olympic joy of this summer. The Big Ben image is not available, it’s to demonstrate you can have whatever you want on your Stoves cooker.


… and you can have it in any colour…hot pink for hot food


I love the orange (though it looks more yellow here)


Vacuuming is not the most exciting of tasks but you can make it more
sensational with this Sebo Felix 1 cleaner, studded with Swarovski crystal elements.
Fabulous darling…


Or how about one of these colourful cuties…


Perhaps you would prefer this robot to clean your floors.
It reminds me of a bug, especially when it moves around the cabinet…


His friends come in lots of different colours too!

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