Bathroom divas – freestanding baths

Fired Earth ATELIERRS1

Finished in pale lapis, this Canterbury freestanding bath measures H65 x L176 x W80cm. Made from a resin and stone composite, it is sold unpainted so can be adapted to any bathroom colour scheme. It costs £1,650,
from Fired Earth


If you had the space wouldn’t it be superb to have a freestanding bath as a centrepiece in your bathroom? Surely there’s no better way to round off the day than with a soak in a deep, elegant tub, your favourite rock music playing in the background.

A statement bath is an example of how much our home lives have changed. As Lesley Taylor, design director at Taylor’s Etc explains: “The role of the bathroom has transformed from a purely functional purpose to being a place in which to relax and unwind.” It’s not just about washing, getting in and out as quickly as possible, no, it’s about relaxation, chilling out and creating a luxurious spa experience in the comfort of the home.


Chalice Bath from BC Designs

The double-ended Chalice features a tap ledge and built-in plinth. It is finished in gloss white and measures L178 x W93.5 x H56cm, and costs £1,620, from BC Designs


CP Hart Lincoln bath

Add colour to your bathroom with the Lincoln cast iron tub, which is sold ready to paint. It measures L178 x W80 x H67.5cm and is shown here finished in Farrow & Ball Rectory Red. £1,673 from CP Hart

Taylor's Etc- Bentley double-ended bath, Imperial Bathrooms (high res)

Bentley cast iron bath with white, primed cast iron, chrome or antique gold feet. It measures L170 x W78 x H58.5cm, and costs from £1,175 from Taylor’s Etc.


Fusion x64 TIFF File

This elegant Classic bath, featuring a gently sloping high back, is crafted from limestone. It measures L170 x W78cm and costs £2,995, from Stonekast


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