Cleaning up – top tips for vacuuming

Sebo Felix Royale

Felix Royale by Sebo


Vacuuming is one of those jobs that are quick to do, but make such a difference to the look of a room – even a messy room immediately looks tidier when you’ve run the cleaner over it.

Thank God somebody invented vacuum cleaners, I don’t think I could stand dragging carpets outside and beating them with one of those whisk-like contraptions. Come to think of it, that’s probably how fitted carpets came about – no longer any need to move them to clean them.

I wrote about Sebo here in my round up of IFA last year and I do like their products (we have one at home, my other half bought it years ago, and we have another brand I also like, but that’s for another post).

Anyway, I thought I would post a few tips from the guys at Sebo that are relevant for all vacuum cleaners, no matter what kind you have.

  • Take care of your vacuum so that it lasts longer. Check filters and bags regularly – at least once every six weeks – and keep the brush roller free from hair.
  • Always ensure the lead is fully extended before turning the vacuum on and never pull a vacuum by its lead.
  • Vacuuming slowly is twice as effective as whizzing round!  By taking it easy, you will do a much better job.
  • Don’t use liquid shampoos on your carpets. The agent collects in the pile and builds up to attract more dirt and grime. Instead, use carpet cleaning powder, which will absorb stains.
  • Make sure you use the right attachment for the job, especially on delicate flooring such as wool loop carpet.
  • It’s not just the floor that can be cleaned with a vacuum – use it to free curtains, lampshades, throws and sofas from dust. To help eliminate mites in the bed – a major cause of asthma and allergens – vacuum the mattress at least once a month.
  • If possible, have your main vacuum cleaner downstairs, and a second upstairs.  It avoids having to carry a vacuum up and down the stairs on a regular basis – and they both last longer because each is doing less work so it doesn’t really cost more in the long run.

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